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Planting & Feeding

We are making progress on the construction of the outside kitchen near the church. Thekitchen funds have come in to complete the kitchen and we are hoping it will be finished and in use by the end of the month! Thank you for supporting this desperately needed project that will serve the community for years to come!

Right now we are in the beginning stages of planting 3 more churches. In order to be effective in beginning a church in an unreached area, we need to purchase a large tent. The tent we were using was destroyed in the cyclone that hit Mozambique. The total cost for a tent is around $2500.00. We are praying and believing for 25 people to give $100.00 toward the purchase of the tent. The ministry tent will be used for each church plant for monthly crusades and meetings until funds are raised to build a more permanent structure. It is imperative to begin a church in Swaziland by holding tent meetings. Our pastors on the ground will hold overnight prayer and revival services for a few weeks to get the community involved and active in the process of starting the church.

Along with planting each church, we need to make sure our pastors are taken care of. These called men of God are working hard in their community, going from home to home, holding overnight prayer services, as well as being involved in the construction of the church. We are looking for sponsors for each pastor. They receive $100Zweli NdlovukaziBongi Dube.00 monthly for two years while the church is being established and can be self-supporting.

I Timothy 5:17-18 “Pastors who do their work well should be paid well and should be highly appreciated, especially those who work hard at both preaching  and teaching…those who work deserve their pay.”                                                                    

Our prayer is to have the funds to begin feeding at the new church sites, but we have found it difficult to maintain the feeding site we currently have in Bulandzeni. Our preschool there is going well and the feeding site is also growing. Now that the well is finished and the church has a roof, more families are sending their children to us. We have been short on funding for the daily meals and have had many days where we were unable to feed because of the lack of finances to purchase food. For only $10.00 per month, you can feed five children daily. Please prayerfully consider being a part of changing the lives of these precious children.   Proverbs 22:9 “Generous hands are blessed hands because they give bread to the poor.”

Ways for you to be involved:

  • $10 monthly feeds 5 children
  • Give toward the $2500 needed for the tent
  • Sponsor a child in the orphan home monthly
  • Sponsor a pastor monthly
  • Give toward the overall needs of the ministry
  • Pray for God to provide the finances for every area of the ministry to flourish

We say it all the time, but without you this ministry would not have been able to accomplish all that it has. God has allowed us to be a part of 30 church plants, countless children being fed daily meals in rural areas, dozens of double orphans being fully sponsored to have a godly safe home, pastors being discipled and trained from the beginning stages of starting a church to multiplying and training others to plant new churches, and seeing communities enjoy running water for the first time. God has entrusted us with eternal relationships with people who are impacting Africa & changing their communities and culture. We are grateful to God and grateful for you, our supporters. Thank you for your prayers and for your support! You are appreciated and prayed for!

In His Service, Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden Owens

JAMES 1:27



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Friends & Family,

We want to give you an update on all that is happening within the ministry and thank you for your part in all that God is doing!
The much anticipated well has been dug, installed and is in operation.  We received cheers and hugs upon arrival at the church.  The community is beyond excited to have running water for the very first time.  It was an emotional moment watching the children sing and dance as they marched single-file to the well to wash their hands!  Thank you for greatly impacting this community in an indescribable way!

church1The roof of the church has gone on and the walls are completed to the top.  The preschool children will finally have a roof over their heads as they head into cold weather season.  Because of the completion of the church, families are now sending their children to our preschool.  We graduated six children in December and we are currently teaching and ministering to a class of twenty-five.  The church has been meeting within the church walls, but now there is a roof to protect them from the elements.  This past Easter Sunday, 400 people attended the service.  Eighty of them spent the night because there

was no public transportation early enough in the morning to arrive on time.  Twenty-Five people received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and eighteen were baptized in thebaptism2 cold river immediately after the service.  It was a glorious day! baptism6

We also want to thank Christian Life Schools in Rockford, IL for their donation of hundreds of toothbrushes and toothpaste that we were able to give to the preschool children, children’s home & Care Point kids.  They were very excited to receive such a needed necessity!

Currently our greatest need is to build an outside kitchen at the Care Point next to the church.  This will provide the ladies of the church a covered place to cook the hot meals for the children every day, as well as provide seating for the children to eat. We need approximately $2500 for the completed structure.   Please let us know if you have interest in sponsoring a child at the children’s home.  A full sponsorship is $50 monthly which provides a home, meals, medical, school uniform & all needs of the child.  A partial scholarship is $25 monthly.  We will send you a photo and information on your child and you can correspond with him/her as often as you would like.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are excited to be able to report the completion of projects and have much more on the horizon that God is showing us for this ministry!

In His Service, Chad, Wendy, Brielle & CadenIMG_3880

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January 2017 (unpublished)


For some strange reason, we did not publish this post from January.  Sorry for the late “New Year’s post”.  Since this post, we have received flight money and purchased our flights for March 23rd.  We will be posting soon on our upcoming trip and all that is taking place!

Happy New Year!


There is something exhilarating about a fresh start.  Many of us have made plans or resolutions to either make changes or begin something new.  We are believing for amazing growth to take place within this ministry this year and we are choosing to speak in faith and expect God to do something awesome!  We often focus on the lack or the slow timing of things or the frustrations in not being able to do what we see needs done.  This year we will trust and walk in faith and continue to claim God’s word and promises over this ministry. 






*The kids at the Children’s Home were able to have a wonderful Christmas party and New Years party this year.  Thank you to everyone who gave to make this Christmas special for them.  They want you to know that they are very thankful for each of you!


*All of the money has come in for the well.  The drilling has begun! As long as they do not have to go more than 100 metres deep, we will be able to have the well dug and completed within the next few weeks! There are no words to express the gratitude we have for everyone of you who gave towards this project.  This will change the community more than you may every know!  We will be putting pictures up on our blog as soon as we receive them from Swaziland!


*We recently received a large donation to put towards the completion of the church and preschool in Bulandzeni.  We are trusting that this entire project will be completed by the time we arrive back in Swaziland!






Our plan is to be back on the ground the third week of March.  We will be visiting the community of Bulandzeni to prayerfully see the completion of the church and preschool as well as inspect and get testimonies of the impact of the well and the provision of water!  We are extremely excited to be back “home” with our friends and “family”.  Our plan is to be on the ground for 2-3 weeks to meet with our pastors and check up on the completion of all of the projects.  We are also looking to see what opportunities that God has for the ministry this upcoming year.  We will need $3500 for our flights and are believing God to provide so that we can book them soon. 




Again we are grateful for each of you-for your prayers and your support! Thank you for impacting the kingdom and allowing God to use you to bless this ministry He has entrusted us with!




In His Service,


Chad, Wendy, Brielle, & Caden


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Giving Thanks

We want to be the first to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and also tell you how thankful we are for each one of you who pray for and support this ministry!  We would like to give you a quick update on the fundraising for the well.  We are almost half way to our goal of purchasing the well.  As you know Swaziland has been suffering from a drought for the past year and there has been a desperation for water. Each well that we are able to provide will completely transform a community.  Thank you for praying and sponsoring this project.  If you still desire to purchase a “cup” of water for $25.00, you can go to our donations page.  Just note your gift, “WELL”.


We are entering into the Christmas season.  I find myself getting so wrapped up in the busyness of this season and the excitement of making everything special for my family.  I can’t help but think about how incredibly spoiled we are.  Every year our kids wake up Christmas morning to a pile of gifts under the tree, we eat Christmas cookies all day, we spend the day with family and spoil one another with gifts that we don’t necessarily need and more food than we should even eat in one day!  How can we NOT do something to help give Christmas to 20 orphans who will not be waking up Christmas morning to a pile of presents under the tree or spending the day with their parents spoiling them?  Each year we send support to the orphan home to host a Christmas party.  The past two years we were able to send enough for each child to receive one small gift as well as purchase a nice Christmas dinner for them to enjoy together.  The excitement and pride on their faces as they decorated for their party, set all of the food out, and received their small gift is one I will never forget.  Please prayerfully consider giving a small donation toward giving Christmas to these kids as we strive to show them how much our heavenly Father loves them.  If you would like to give toward blessing the kids with a small Christmas celebration again this year, please designate your gift “Christmas Party.”  No gift is too small!  If everyone who receives this letter gave $1.00, we would be able to give them their Christmas party!



Christmas 2015


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Will you give a cup of cold water?

Family & Friends,

We pray you are enjoying the change of the season; this is our favorite time of year for so many reasons (apple cider donuts being one of them!).  As I reflect on the change of seasons, it makes me think of all of the different seasons that God has taken us through.  This present season of being back and forth trying to take care of our family here in the states and keep the ministry going strong in Swaziland has not been an easy one.  But, just as every season in nature has a beauty all its own, this season is bringing beauty and goodness to us as we live in and love two parts of the world.
As the leaves change here in this part of the world, we are believing for change in Swaziland as well.  We are believing for more supporters, for projects coming to completion, for new direction on what God has for us next and for financial blessings that will meet every need, every month.
Our recent time in Africa was a time of building up and encouraging our pastors and ministry partners as well as seeing the desperate need for water.  As we have mentioned Swaziland has been going through a drought for quite some time.  Every place we visited, the number one need every person mentioned was the desperate need for water.  Weimg_2983 honestly had placed building wells on the back burner as we have been focusing on the finishing of both churches and the construction of the children’s home.  Our eyes were opened to the need for wells to be dug now, there is no time for waiting.  We want you to know that you can impact an entire community through a very small donation.  Taking our cues from the passage in Matthew where Jesus is instructing the Disciples just before sending them out, He assures them that whomever gives even a cup of cold water to one of His followers, even the very least of them, will surely be rewarded.  We are praying and believing that each person who is reading this newsletter will sponsor a cup of water.  Our brothers and sisters are thirsty.  We can give them water!  If we have 100 people sponsor one cup at $50.00 per cup, or 200 people at $25.00 per cup, it would pay for the completion of a well that would bless and change the lives of an entire community!
If you have a heart to change the life of a child, we are in need of sponsors for 10 more children in the children’s home.  To sponsor a child and cover the cost of medical, school, clothing, housing, and food is $50.00 per month.  You can also do a partial sponsorship of $25.00 per month.  You will receive a photo of your child and information about him/her.  You can correspond with your child as often as you like.  We are able to take small gifts to your sponsored child on our trips to Swaziland.  Please pray about impacting and blessing the life of a child.
We are currently running $1500 short each month for the expenses of the ministry.  Pray about how you can take part in empowering the lives of vulnerable children, widows and entire communities who, without our help, struggle to survive from day to day, much less fulfill their God-given purpose.  Thank you for your loyalty, love and prayers for this ministry that God has entrusted to us.  The needs are overwhelming, but God is ready to bless our efforts!
In His Service,
Chad, Wendy, Brielle, & Caden
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Prayer Warriors…

We are urgently asking for prayer. There are many spiritual attacks happening here in Swaziland against our pastors within our ministry. We know that the enemy is obviously nervous! We have a dear pastor friend who is being attacked by the enemy speaking to him and threatening to take his unborn child. There are also spiritual attacks within his church. There are many other things going on that we cannot expound on at this time, but we know Satan is up to no good.  We need everyone who is willing-to please pray that peace would come and every attack of the enemy would be stopped in Jesus name!

Thank You for your prayers!

Chad & Wendy

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Thank You!

Thank you so much for your response to our desire to take backpacks to the children.  We are happy to say that we have more than enough and we wanted you to know that we think you are all amazing! We are so grateful for your support and love for us and for the people of Swaziland!

IMG_7417 (1)

Please keep us in prayer as we depart on Monday August 1st.  We are extremely excited to connect with our pastors and see the progress of the churches.  We will also be spending some time at the children’s home, meeting with Nelly to discuss the women’s home, and visiting new possible ministry sights.

We Covet your prayers and appreciate you all,

Chad & Wendy

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Family & Friends,

We head out for Swaziland August 1st.  We are still a bit short on funds for our trip, but are believing God to provide all that is needed.  We would like to take a backpack to each of our kids at the children’s home.  We are looking to collect 20 new or barely usedIMG_1525 well made backpacks.  The quality of backpacks that can be purchased in Swaziland is not good.  If you would like to donate a backpack or funds for us to purchase a backpack please let us know right away.  It is back to school time so backpacks can be found pretty much everywhere.  We will also be taking pencils and pencil sharpeners.  If you sponsor a child and would like us to take a letter or small gift to your sponsored child, please email us so that we can connect before we go.

If yNelly photoou were praying about giving toward the women’s home, we are still looking to get the structure built.  We will be meeting with Nelly once we are on the ground and are believing God for funds to begin construction.  You can go to our donations page for any donations/giving.


We love and appreciate you all!  Thank you for loving and caring for “the least of these”.

Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

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Greetings from our family to yours!
We pray you are all having a wonderful summer and enjoying some family time. Our summer has been very busy, but busy spent making memories together.  There is just something about the long days and warm nights of summer, isn’t there?
We wanted to give you an update and keep you informed on all that is happening in Swaziland. First, we are praying that God enables us to travel back in August. We need face-to-face connection time with our pastors and leaders!  The trip will cost approximately $3000.00; We are aching to be there and believing that all the finances will be in place for us to return.  Perhaps this is something you could pray for or even support financially.
It is time to move quickly on the construction for the women’s home.  Nelly has been sending us photos and updates on her meetings with the ladies in her area.  These amazing women are hungry for Bible study and worship.  Recently, Nelly gathered them together in her home to watch “War Room,” a film about a falling-apart family that decided to fight against culture and selfishness, and do the work to stay together.  She told the ladies that they will watch it over and over if they need to.  These incredible women are still meeting in the field that is cleared for the home.  They spread mats and blankets out to sit on as they listen, share, pray and support each other, but they need a shelter.
Nelly preachingOur prayerful goal is to have a safe shelter for these at risk women built before the end of this year. We need $5,000.00 for the construction.  This seems like such a small amount,  and it really is if we all can do a little.  Having a safe home for at risk and battered women has been a dream and call on Nelly’s life for over a decade. We want to do all that we can to help make this vision happen before 2016 is over. Please pray about a one-time or monthly gift toward rescuing women in Swaziland.  In addition to the $5000.00 needed to construct the home, we need to raise $400.00 monthly to run the home.  It will only take 16 people willing to commit $25.00 monthly or 40 people at only $10.00 per month to help us keep these young girls safe from human trafficking, domestic abuse, incest, amongst many other issues!  Our heart, along with Nelly’s is to not only give these young women a safe place to live, but also a place to renew their minds in Christ and become whole again.  Will you prayerfully consider being part of the support these hurting women need?
We are eternally grateful for the care and support you have given
our family, and the extended family we love in Africa.
God Bless you and yours,   The Owens Family
Click on the donations page to give.  Please email us if you have any questions.
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Easter Miracles

Resurrection Sunday in Mpolenjeni, Swaziland will be a day to remember for many who put their trust in Jesus for the first time; it will also be a day never forgotten by a woman named Sonto. Pastor Mbongeni preached a powerful message.  Sonto was in the crowd that day.  She had been bed ridden since 2008 and was desperate for a touch from God.  It had been eight years since Sonto had walked, and she was completely healed and walked out of the church! Can you imagine her walk home?  What a testimony to the power of God!  Our God can not only make the lame walk, He can forgive sins and set the captive free!


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