We have been partnering with Mbongeni for over 10 years. He has a heart for the orphans and widows in the community. His calling is to raise up pastors, plant churches and make an eternal impact one community at a time. He is our constant connection and oversees all operations on the ground.


He had been living with his grandma who was doing her best to raise 10 children; she could only manage to feed them every couple of days. Msandi was 6 months old when he came into the home, still in diapers, hungry and ill. And yet he was smiling at us! It was a God connection and we knew these kids were now a part of our growing family.


An important part of this ministry is not only to care for the needs of widows, but also to empower them to be an agent of change in their communities. Margaret has discipled many young people who are now pastors of local churches. She needed a larger print bible and reading glasses to continue studying the Word and training those God leads her way. We were able to provide that for her.

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