*Critical Need*

More often than we like, we receive an urgent need text message from Pastor Mbongeni in Swaziland. This weekend, he shared with us a heartbreaking situation that needs our immediate attention.

He received news of two young girls who recently became orphans, losing both parents to Covid. Grandma began to care for them, but shortly after passed away as well. An Uncle stepped in to provide them with shelter, but was physically and sexually abusing the girls. They ran away and have been sleeping in a dump site. This weekend, they walked to Mpolenjeni to find our children’s home. This is a 45 minute drive by car so it would have taken them hours. We have no empty beds right now so they were told by the house mom that there was no room for them right now.

We encouraged Pastor Mbongeni to find the girls and immediately bring them into the home. They are now safe, but are sleeping on the floor in one of the girl’s rooms. We are maxed out at both children’s homes, and we do not have a widow who can take them in at this time. We are going to make it work, but need to quickly order a bunk bed, mattresses, sheets and quilts/blankets. We were also informed that the girls have no clothing, other than what they are currently wearing. Once we get them settled, we will need to get them back into school.

We did the cost breakdown and we need to raise $450 each to provide a bed, mattress, bedding, clothing, and personal items. Our prayer, as always, is to get a sponsor for each child at $50 per month to cover the cost of their living expenses, medical, and schooling.

The girls are Sandra Bahle Siran-8 years old and Nokubonga Dlamini-11 years old

Please pray about helping in any way that you can. Maybe this is the moment where you make the lifechanging decision to sponsor a child. We are so grateful for your help and support. We are called to “look after the orphans and widows in their time of distress” James 1:27. We must not look away. Our hearts are broken over and over by all that we have and how much these children are hurting and lack basic needs to survive.

Please pray for physical and mental healing for these precious girls. Pray that they feel the love of our Heavenly Father as we care for them and love on them.

In His Service,

Chad, Wendy, Brielle, & Caden

2 thoughts on “*Critical Need*

  1. Hi Wendy and Chad,

    I wanted to donate to the girls so I used the donation link on your website. But I think I accidentally did a general donation to CGE. Is there a way you can retrieve it for the girls?



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