Game Changer

Dear Friends & Family,

We are undoubtedly living in a season of uncertainty. As we watched church online this morning, the pastor spoke about Game Changing Moments. The message hit incredibly close to home for us, as we are unquestionably walking through a game changing moment that is about to transform into our new reality. Let us backtrack a bit and try to describe what we have been sensing in our spirits for a few months now.

This past November we were privileged to take our second mission’s team to Eswatini (Swaziland). There was an undeniable shift within Chad on that trip. At first, he felt completely overwhelmed by the ministry growing at a rapid pace and began to question whether we could keep up with the growth. Upon returning back home, God revealed to him that the stress and burden that he was carrying for things here in the States was not for him to carry. The realization is that we are needed in Eswatini on a more consistent basis and the weight on him to make changes to his situation here in the States was the distraction from the call on our lives as a family. Our mission from God and passion has not changed over the past 20 years and that is to plant churches and impact entire communities in Eswatini, Africa. 

As many of us know, the timing of things does not always make sense. When Chad’s position at the church was eliminated due to budget cuts, we felt like God was leading us in a direction we weren’t expecting at this time. The season of life we are living in does not afford us to pack up everything and move back to Africa, even though our hearts long to be there. Brielle will be entering her senior year in High school and we are currently visiting colleges this Spring. Caden will be starting 8th grade and is active in sports year-round. We believe that there is a season for everything. Chad has felt a burden to be on the ground more in Eswatini for quite some time now, staying months at a time if the Lord would allow. Pastor Mbongeni needs the support and help and we want to do all that we can to sustain the growth of the ministry. God keeps moving on the hearts of people to jump on board all that He is doing in Eswatini. We would not be experiencing the rapid growth that we have without our supporters.

So, this leads us to what we feel God is calling us to at this time. The plan is for Wendy to continue working at the kid’s school during the school year, taking teams overseas in November and around Spring Break time each year. The Summer months would enable us to be on the ground in Africa for 2-3 months at a time. This means that Chad would be shifting to full-time missions, spending time between the States and Eswatini year-round. His focus will remain steadfast speaking on behalf of E127 and all that God is doing in Africa as well as being on the ground overseas more to support Pastor Mbongeni. For quite some time we have felt stretched between two places. This is a tricky season for us. We must be mindful of what is best for our children in their stages of life, as well as be all-in helping this ministry grow to the capacity that God desires.

Here is where you come in. First, we are asking that you pray for us as we step out of our comfort zone and trust God to take care of us financially and all that is needed to operate the ministry month to month. We are also asking that you prayerfully consider sponsoring us on a monthly basis as once again full-time missionaries. We need to raise $3200 per month to run all operating expenses as full-time missionaries between the States and Africa. Please know that we do everything we possibly can to get the most out of every donation. Anyone who has had the opportunity to join us on a trip to our ministry sites can attest to that firsthand. Please contact us if you have a small group, church service or any other opportunities for us to share about what God is doing in Africa.

In His Service,

Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

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