Our pastor has sent us an urgent, immediate need. We have 3 children, ages 9, 5, and 2 years old who have been abandoned by their mother. She is currently running from the law and has left the children behind. The children have been rescued and taken to pastor Mbongeni’s mother’s home (Margaret). They came with only the clothing on their backs. We have no beds, bedding, clothing or personal belongings. They also have not been attending school. The breakdown for the immediate need totals $1000 US dollars. For that amount we can purchase: beds, mattresses, bedding, personal clothing, and uniforms & school fees for two of the kids.
A long term need will be for each of these children to be sponsored. Pastor Margaret Is currently caring for 4 orphans and does not have the funds to care for 3 more children.

The oldest boy is Okuhle Ndlovukazi and is 9 The two younger siblings are girls, Okwenzile Ndlovukazi who is 5 yrs. old and Okwanelisa Ndlovukazi who is 2 yrs. old.

If the Lord compels you to help, please contact us. Owensnafrica@gmail.com or you can simply go to the “DONATE” link on our website. Thank you once again for helping “the least of these”

God Bless, Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

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