Longing & Settled

Dear Friends & Family,

If only there were words to explain the longing to be in another place. This is a busy season of life with our kids involved in multiple sports and activities, our full-time jobs heading into busy seasons, and the ministry rapidly growing. In the moments of quietness, though they are few and far between, we find ourselves longing for our life in Swaziland. We desire to be with the people we serve and dearly love. We hunger for a  slower pace of life. We miss feeling purpose and used by God daily in the lives of people who can never repay us. It feels like we are in a season of anticipation and anxiousness. We are anticipating all that is to come within the ministry that we have struggled at times to keep afloat. We anticipate what God has for us next to do. But, we are also anxious with the honest moments where we don’t understand how our vision will come to pass. We are anxious for God to send us back, knowing fully that now is not the time. There is a time for every season. We want to soak up all of the moments with our kids while they are still home and keeping us busy. We want God to use us daily in the lives of those we do life with. All the while, we yearn to be in Swaziland. It is unexplainable. Some days the ache is too much to bear and the tears flow. Other days, we are fully at peace that we are exactly where God wants us for now.
The ministry in Swaziland is quickly increasing. We are incredibly excited to begin breaking ground at the new church plant in Ntondozi. This town has a population of over 14,000 people, but no church of any denomination exists. For over 10 years, we have dreamed of planting a church in this location.IMG_0030
We are still in need of sponsorships for the kids that will be coming to the feeding site connected to the church. We anticipate between 250-300 kids coming daily for a warm meal. For $10 per month, you would be sponsoring 5 children a hot meal. Please prayerfully consider how you could give up $10 per month to feed 5 children every day! Amazing what so little can do!
We still have children that need sponsored at the Children’s Home. The cost to fully sponsor a child in the children’s home, which includes all daily living expense, medical care, IMG_0033& schooling is $50 per month. If you are interested in a partial sponsorship (sharing your child with another family) you can do that for $25.00 per month. Below, there is a picture of three of the children who need sponsored. Please email us at owensnafrica@gmail.com if you would like to make any one of these kids a part of your family.
The children’s home has been under construction for many years as we needed to add rooms and bathrooms. This was a requirement by the government. The children have to walk quite far in the middle of the night to get to the outside toilets, which is understandably unsafe. It will cost $1000.00 to finish the indoor bathrooms and showers, and we are praying thiIMG_9956s project will be completed this year.
The church in Bulandzeni is going strong and now that the kitchen is completed, we are feeding more than 250 children a hot meal every day. The preschool continues to increase and be a blessing to the community. We are in need of $1700.00 to finish the church structure. We still need doors, windows, and plaster and paint. The people of this community are grateful people and were thoroughly blessed by our women’s conference last November. We hope to complete this project before the end of the year also.

Feel free to email any questions or if you desire any further information about taking part in any of these projects.

In His Service,
Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

                  Siphiwe 13 yrs.


Sizwe 9 yrs.                                                Mandla 13 yrs.


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