Thank you does not seem like enough!  We recently put out an urgent post asking for your help and your generosity far surpassed all that we imagined!  But, that is so God.  Always taking care of the needs we put before Him, but then showing off in ways ONLY HE can!  To say that we are grateful is a HUGE understatement!

We just returned from Swaziland.  The funds came in for us to begin construction on the new church site.  We were officially given the land and will be purchasing the cow this weekend to seal the deal.  Once that takes place, construction of the kitchen and the well will begin in order for us to start the feeding at the new site.  We are estimating that we will be feeding well over 300 children per day.  The tent is being purchased to begin holding services during the construction phases of the building.

We also put out a plea for 3 new orphaned children whose parents died of AIDS and were living with an abusive uncle.  A concerned neighbor dropped the girls off at the church with ONLY the clothing on their backs.  Our pastor placed them into his mother’s home and told the girls to pray for sponsors to help them go back to school.  We quickly put out a Facebook and Instagram post asking for funds to purchase school uniforms and toiletries and clothing for the girls.  Within 28 minutes, we were able to send a message to our pastor and the girls that the funds had come in for their school fees, uniforms, daily necessities and clothing.  The girls were so happy and couldn’t stop smiling.  It was so great to spend time with all three of them and give them their gifts.  Seeing the change in their countenance from the time they were first dropped off at the church feeling unloved and unwanted to now having a home where they are safe and loved.

In His Service, Chad, Wendy, Brielle, & Caden

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