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Tent Meetings & Testimonies!

Just to give a quick update on the tent meetings happening in South Africa.  The pastors & team have held meetings in people’s homes for some time now and the group is growing.  We decided to start a tent crusade to help with the church planting.  They were running the tent meetings in the evenings and seeing dozens of salvations.  One  morning this week a lady came to our pastor with a child who had swallowed a large coin.  They went along with her to the hospital ward where the Dr. took x-rays and informed them that she would need surgery.  They immediately prayed for the child.  The coin moved and the child was fine.  She did not need the surgery.   The team decided to stay at the hospital and hold prayer meetings.  Several people gave their lives to the Lord, and many were healed right there in the middle of the hospital ward.  After spending many hours at the hospital, they went back to the tent meetings and continued ministering to the community.

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The pastor is now doing home visits in the area during the week.  The tent revival will start up again this weekend and we will continue through the end of the month.  We are currently renting the tent, but are hoping to buy a tent on this next trip.  We have $1250 pledged towards the purchase and we are praying the balance comes in before we head over.  We still need another $1250.00.

We are heading to Swaziland the beginning of November and are in need of $3000.00 for our trip.  We desperately need to get on the ground in order to make sure the starting phase of the new church plant in South Africa is where it needs to be.  We also need to meet with our pastors and team to encourage them and see what their needs are to continue the work of the ministry.  As we continue to expand to plant more churches, that also means starting a new feeding site, digging a well and constructing an outdoor kitchen.  Over the past few months, support for the ministry has been down.  We are struggling to keep things going strong and we hate to see our pastors struggle with the choice of paying their rent or feeding the children.  Please pray that we can gain more support for the work of this ministry.  Every penny given is sent straight to Africa.  We do not live off of any of the support that comes into the ministry.  Any time we lose monthly support, the ministry suffers.  We know that God knows the need and will provide and we are believing for a financial breakthrough.

Our 10 year old son, Caden is working on a leadership project in his 5th grade class at school.  He has chosen to create awareness and is currently running a project called AFRI-CANS.  He is collecting can donations to raise funds to host the first ever Christmas party for the Bulandzeni community.  We are praying that we will be able to take the funds with us to get things set up for this exciting event.

Our pastor on the ground has been going through many challenges.  We are believing and trusting in the Lord to be able to make this trip to pray with him and encourage him. We covet your prayers for the ministry and the funding of everything that takes place on a monthly basis.

In His Service, Chad, Wendy, Brielle, & Caden


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