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Giving Thanks

We want to be the first to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and also tell you how thankful we are for each one of you who pray for and support this ministry!  We would like to give you a quick update on the fundraising for the well.  We are almost half way to our goal of purchasing the well.  As you know Swaziland has been suffering from a drought for the past year and there has been a desperation for water. Each well that we are able to provide will completely transform a community.  Thank you for praying and sponsoring this project.  If you still desire to purchase a “cup” of water for $25.00, you can go to our donations page.  Just note your gift, “WELL”.


We are entering into the Christmas season.  I find myself getting so wrapped up in the busyness of this season and the excitement of making everything special for my family.  I can’t help but think about how incredibly spoiled we are.  Every year our kids wake up Christmas morning to a pile of gifts under the tree, we eat Christmas cookies all day, we spend the day with family and spoil one another with gifts that we don’t necessarily need and more food than we should even eat in one day!  How can we NOT do something to help give Christmas to 20 orphans who will not be waking up Christmas morning to a pile of presents under the tree or spending the day with their parents spoiling them?  Each year we send support to the orphan home to host a Christmas party.  The past two years we were able to send enough for each child to receive one small gift as well as purchase a nice Christmas dinner for them to enjoy together.  The excitement and pride on their faces as they decorated for their party, set all of the food out, and received their small gift is one I will never forget.  Please prayerfully consider giving a small donation toward giving Christmas to these kids as we strive to show them how much our heavenly Father loves them.  If you would like to give toward blessing the kids with a small Christmas celebration again this year, please designate your gift “Christmas Party.”  No gift is too small!  If everyone who receives this letter gave $1.00, we would be able to give them their Christmas party!



Christmas 2015


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