Sometimes we go through seasons that are just plain difficult.  We tell ourselves that we will soon look back on this time and see all that God was doing.  We pray and anticipate our breakthrough moment.  We wait on God, we speak words of faith, we believe.  We know all the right things to do, but the pain and emptiness is still here through it all. We are thanking God that HE is also here, right here with us, understanding, seeing and knowing all that we are feeling and worrying about.  No one else may see our struggle or our pain, but God sees and God knows and we believe that He is working on our behalf.
Since our return back to the states, we have been going through one of the loneliest times of our 16 years of marriage.  We don’t have answers as to why things aren’t the way we anticipated.  We don’t understand why things aren’t happening the way we want them to.  We don’t know how to explain our feeling of loss, our feeling of being misunderstood, our feelings of not belonging anywhere.  There is insecurity, there is homesickness, there is longing.  Our heart’s desire is to make an impact on the lives of the people in Swaziland that we love like family.  How do we explain and help others understand the incredible need for daily basic things?  As I write this blog, tears fall from my eyes with an ache for God’s people who are presently struggling through the effects of a drought.  There is a food shortage, prices have gone up, we have children who are not in school, and we have a feeding site that doesn’t know how they will get enough food next month to feed over 500 children. Last week Swaziland’s Prime Minister Mr Dlamini declared that the country is in a state of national disaster due to the effects of drought, hailstorms and the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and is facing a serious humanitarian crisis from a deadly combination of the effects of global weather, land degradation, increasing poverty and HIV/AIDS. They need us!
We are currently working to try to offset the monthly costs of keeping the ministry afloat, as well as take care of our personal needs here stateside.  Every month, we come up short to meet all of the demanding needs that are before us.  Our plan was to be in Swaziland the beginning of March, but we felt it was better for us to send the funds to pay school fees rather than cover the cost of our flights.  Our prayer is to head back over sometime this Summer.  We are believing God for more supporters to hold up our arms and help us meet the needs that are being presented to us.
We are still looking for child sponsors at $50 per month which covers the cost of food, school fees, clothing, medical needs and a safe Godly home.  We do have some sponsors who have chosen to find someone to share a sponsorship and each do $25.00 per month. We are also still in need of sponsors for the feeding site. Five children can be fed for just $10.00 per month.IMG_5169

We are just asking that you pray about a monthly child sponsorship or giving monthly to meet the needs of the ministry.  No gift is insignificant.  If everyone can give a little, we can take care of so many.  Feel free to designate where you want your gift or monthly sponsorship to be allocated.
Back in December, we reported on our church structure in Bulandzeni being destroyed by a horrific storm.  Thanks to many of you who stepped up to help us rebuild. The steel is now back up and the roof will be put on this week.  Thank you for helping us bring hope to this community again. church 3church structure1

Please email us if you have any questions.
In His service, Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

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