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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas!

Thank You for your partnership and support for our family and the ministry that God has entrusted to us!

We love you all!

Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

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Devastation in Swaziland

We just received news that a horrific storm that lasted only 10 minutes, has completely destroyed the church, preschool & feeding site in Bulandzeni, Swaziland. church destroyed2

The roof of the church was thrown over 400 yards and debris was found all over the nearby areas. The destruction is tragic. The Swazi Times stated, “The church had been constructed using high quality steel, but after the storm, it was almost impossible to describe what remained.”    church destroyed1


We have been working on fund raising and building of this project for more than a year now. It is to be the center for training future leaders and pastors. We also feed over 500 children daily and run the preschool at this site. We know that God has huge things planned for this community and the enemy is getting nervous. We also know that although we are shocked and heartbroken, none of this is a surprise to the Almighty God!

We need your prayers and support.  Please pray about how God would have you get involved in the rebuilding of this community.  These precious people are trusting God and are hurting and need our help.

The Swaziland news reports:  Water rationing took effect this week in Swaziland’s capital Mbabane, the first African capital city to face water restrictions as drought grips southern Africa.

The Swaziland Water Services Corporation announced it had no contingency plans as the dams serving Mbabane dried up and its only option was to turn off taps.

The drought has devastated food production and this week the government declared 300,000 people – about one third of the population – would be without food by the end of summer (March), including orphans, schoolchildren, the elderly and others who normally depend on food rations distributed by government and Non-government agencies.

“They will be starving,” Deputy Prime Minister Paul Dlamini said.

People are struggling and now this storm has added to the hardship of the already difficult situation.


It is also time for our annual Christmas party for the children’s home.  Last year we were able to send enough funds for each child to get a gift as well as a wonderful Christmas meal and party.  This photo wasCmas party2 taken last Christmas after each child received their new shirt and were waiting to shoot off their fireworks!  We are hoping to send enough funds to do the same again this year.  Please pray about your family giving Christmas to a child who would not celebrate Christmas at all without the help of our supporters.  Our family has decided to cut back on Christmas in order to make sure these kids feel the love of Jesus this Christmas.  Please consider having a part in giving these orphans a Christmas this year.  You can visit our donations page for instructions.  Remember all donations are tax deductible and need to be labeled with the project that you are giving toward.

Thank you for your partnership!  We do not take your support for granted.  We are praying God’s blessings on each and every one of you!


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