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Dear Friends,

We have learned this week that a local community will no longer be receiving food delivered to feed over 500 children a daily hot meal.  For most, this is the only meal they eat in a given day.  This community cannot grow their own food because of the lack of water.  They are desperate for help.

Only $10.00 per month would feed 5 children every day.  We are praying for 100 people to commit to $10.00 per moimagenth for a one year commitment.  Most of us can pay this entire amount all at once and many spend more than $10.00 on a pizza for one meal.  God calls us to help the needy.  Would you come alongside us to be His hands and feet extended?  The wonderful ladies within the church we are planting will be volunteering their time to cook and serve the children every day.  The thought of these precious little ones going hungry is unthinkable to us.  Please pray about being a part of the solution!

We are forever grateful to all of you who have supported and prayed for this ministry and all that God is doing here in Swaziland!  We are continuing to pray Gods blessings and favor for all of you!

In His Service, Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden


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