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We’re awaiting your Christmas cards!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok, so the title doesn’t have much to do with this post, but we thought we’d throw it in the title to get your attention!  Our mailing address is below (hint, hint)  🙂

We wanted to get our newsletter out to you before the craziness of the holidays begin.  Things are going well, swazi 19and we are settling in and feeling adjusted.  We have plans to go to South Africa to be with 35 missionaries for Thanksgiving Day.  We are excited for the fellowship.  We are going to stay home for the month of December & have a smaller Christmas.  We have decided as a family to adopt a couple of families that we would like to bless swazi 18with gifts for Christmas.  We are brainstorming ideas now.  Starting December 2nd, we begin Christmas at the Care Points.  Each day we will travel to different Care Points with our team and have a big Christmas celebration with the children.  Wendy & Brielle will be working with the dance team while Chad & Caden will be running the water slide.  We are excited for this experience and we have been told that it is quite exhausting!  We are keeping busy.  We are visiting Care Points weekly and are working with Mncedisi  & Purity to swazi 14help them with their church launch, hopefully by the beginning of the New Year.  They are currently doing home visits & seeing salvations, and are holding a Bible study on Saturdays.  The church is almost finished as the windows were installed this week and the outside and inside walls were painted.  Praise the Lord the borehole has been dug so they will soon have clean water, which isn’t easy to come by.  We will begin working with them on their vision for the church and on the logistics of the church services. This is a very special couple and we feel incredibly blessed to be able to work alongside them & call them friends!

Homeschooling is improving.  Wendy & the kids are finding what works best for them.  Brielle & Caden swazi 23 are taking karate lessons 3 days a week and swim lessons 2 days a week.  After 4 lessons, Caden was able to swim the width of the pool above water and under water!  Brielle’s swimming is  improving quickly.  They were able to experience their first karate tournament after only 3 weeks of taking lessons and Brielle surprised us by getting a silver medal (2nd place).  They will soon test for their yellow belts.  They are thoroughly enjoying theswazi 15 extracurricular (PE) time in the afternoons.  Starting in February, they will be taking music lessons (recorder & piano) offered by a very sweet teacher right up the road from our home.  We are hoping to find art lessons somewhere, but for now we do crafts and drawings at home.

We talked about getting a watch dog when we first arrived in Swaziland.  After visiting the dog pound about 5x and trying to decide what to do we couldn’t make any decisions. Last week, we received a phone call from the gentleman who sold us our car.  He told us that he had a Jack Russell puppy that he would give us.  That made our decision.  “Toby” swazi 16started outside in his little house on our patio, but has since graduated to an inside dog.  The kids are truly in heaven.  We are loving him to pieces!  He was a blessing from God for sure!  Thank you for your prayers, and for following us on Instagram & Facebook & our blog.  We love to see all of your comments & know that you are thinking of us.  This time of year is a bit lonely & doesn’t feel quite like the holidays as it keeps getting warmer.  We are praying for all of you & so thankful that you have sent us to fulfill God’s call on our lives.

Many of you have asked about Care Packages and some of you have sent things and have found out that shipping is RIDICULOUSLY high!  Please know that we do not need anything!  Although, we are anticipating Christmas cards to decorate our walls with! It may take 2 or 3 weeks to receive them so you should mail them now if you are planning on doing that!

Our address is:

Chad & Wendy Owens                                                                                              swazi 27

Children’s Cup NGO

PO Box A527

Swazi Plaza

Mbabane Swaziland H101


 Thankful for:

  • Missionary families we get to do life with (friends for our children)
  • New ministry opportunities daily
  • God’s favor in our relationships with nationals
  • God’s continuous provision & protection
  • Finally feeling settled and at home
  • Lots of family bonding time

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued protection for our family
  • Funding for 3 new Care Point sites (feed more children/plant 3 new churches)
  • We are currently short $350 in our monthly support
  • $75.00 for a printer
  • Comfort & Joy during the holiday season away from family

We truly love you all & covet your prayers

Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

owensnafrica@gmail.comswazi 17

Children at the Care Point waiting in line for their meal

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