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On the field

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been on the field for over a month. We are still waiting on internet hookup for our home so our communication has been very limited. Please pray that it happens soon! Our travels here went very well. We truly saw God’s favor. We were able to get 2 rows of 3 seats per row so the kids were able to lie down and sleep most of IMG_2920IMG_2929the flight. Our 10 hour layover in London went incredibly well also. We found a large play land for the kids at the end of one of the terminals. They probably played for about 4 hours while Chad & I shared napping off & on.

Our first 10 days or so here in Africa were more difficult than we had anticipated. Caden struggled with the time change and loss of sleep and went through a rough bout of feeling insecure and emotionally unstable. For the first week or so, we stayed with another missionary family with 3 children (2 of which were girls) so this really helped Brielle with the transition. We are finally feeling settled in our own home & are starting to get into a good routine. We have a nice room for homeschool every morning. The kids and Wendy have been baking and cooking together and the kids just started karate lessons this week.

We have had the privilege to visit a few Care Points and love on kids and meet a couple of the young pastors. Brielle & IMG_2971Caden have jumped right in without hesitation which has been great to watch. They were able to go on home visits in a rural community along with a missions team here from the states.  They talked a mile a minute of all they experienced.  swazi 6Caden usually jumps out of the car and quickly finds something that he can use to interact with the boys.  Sometimes there are soccer balls or footballs, other times there may be a tire swing or a frisbee.  The other day we found a hockey stick and ball that he begged us to buy to take to the Care Point.  It was funny watching him try to teach the kids how to play hockey.  Brielle finds the smallest cutie that wants held & you’ll see her holding toddlers the majority of the time, often swazi 8more than one at a time.  This past week we had the opportunity to help take photos of children who are in need of sponsors.  The room got quite chaotic swazi 11with about 50 Swazi children curious as to what we were doing.  It was loud and kids were everywhere until Brielle took over.  Somehow she got them to understand her and was able to get them all to sit down.  She & Caden then proceeded to teach the children “Father Abraham.”   She even sang a couple of songs on her own as they listened in.  The children then sang songs to us.  A few times we found Caden with little boys who had climbed up on his lap.

swazi 5So many times along our road of itinerating, people had prayed about the ministry that God had for our children.  Seeing those prayers come to fruition is absolutely amazing!

Chad got a very unique opportunity to sit in on a tribal council meeting.  He & our director were there swazi 1to meet with the chief of an area about securing a plot of land for a new Care Point & church plant.  Prior to starting the meeting they had to finish building a cattle kraal.  Inside the “hut” they talked about what Children’s Cup would like to do (feed children, start a preschool, & build a church).  They received the plot of land which is often not an easy thing to acquire, but when God wants something done, it gets done!  Praise the Lord!

We know that you are praying for us because we feel your prayers.  We feel safe and we sleep soundly every night.  We know that this is only because of the prayers of all of you!  God has shown us his favor & protection.  As much as we miss some comforts and food from home and of course our friends and family, we are really feeling at home here!  We believe that God has great things to do through us.  We can’t express to you enough how much we love you all & sincerely appreciate your support and prayers!swazi 9

Our set up for our home & security has ended up costing us more than we had expected.  Gasoline is high and unfortunately we are often traveling 2 hours at a time to reach our destinations.  We are also not receiving some of our pledged support so please pray that God continues to provide for our basic needs.  Also pray about how you can be a part of all that God is doing here in Africa.  Many of you have already done so much and are faithfully giving and praying for us.  We are praying God’s abundant blessings on you!  We know that God is our provider & we will continue to trust Him through it all!

Many of you have asked about sending us care packages & what to send.  We can receive care packages.  The kids are beginning to write letters and post cards during their writing/journaling time in the mornings and are anticipating letters from friends & family.  Some things that we miss, would love to have or can’t get here (or are ridiculously overpriced):

  • coloring books
  • puzzles (100pc or more)
  • kids books
  • Ken & Barbie clothes J
  • stickers (Angry Birds; Disney Princess, puppies)
  • itunes cards for music for our home
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Twizzlers
  • Mac n Cheese
  • hot chocolate packets
  • whole bean coffee
  • ranch dressing packets
  • taco seasoning
  • garlic salt
  • pizza dough mix
  • maple extract

If you would like more specific items/kids requests, you can email Wendy’s mom at

If you want to send a package or envelope, list the items with a generalized description, for example=used kids books; used socks; used puzzles.  When placing a value on your package, we suggest writing an amount less than $15.00 because this will help keep our cost down to receive it.   It takes about 2 weeks for us to receive a package from the states so plan ahead to mail your Christmas cards! (hint-hint J)

Our address is:

Chad & Wendy Owensswazi 3

Children’s Cup

PO Box A527

Swazi Plaza

Mbabane Swaziland H101


Know that we are praying for you and are coveting your prayers!                                                             IMG_2951

In His Service,

Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

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