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Fast Approaching

We are 4 days away from boarding a plane to Africa! It’s almost unbelievable looking back at the past 7 months of itinerating, living out of suitcases, stayingIMG_2855 somewhere different week by week and meeting so many wonderful people and now here we are…it’s time to go!  Saying goodbye is never fun, but we are so grateful for the memories made over the past couple of weeks with friends and family.
We are actively packing and purchasing things we need that we are unable to purchase in Africa. Thank you so much for the gift cards and monetary gifts to help us with all of our startup expenses!

We are currently in need of $2000 for setting up our home office & school room.  This will cover our iPhones, printer, back up hard drives, & school furniture.






Remember in order to receive all of our news & updates, follow our blog at

We covet your prayers & look forward to receiving emails & letters!  Again, here is our postal address:

Children’s Cup, NGO

C/O Chad & Wendy Owens

PO Box A527

Swazi Plaza

Mbabane, Swaziland H101


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