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Less than 2 weeks

As the time for our departure approaches, it seems like we are getting busier and busier. We have been traveling so much that we have forgotten what our own beds feel like. We were able to spend 2 weeks in Ohio visiting family and sharing at a few churches. We left there feeling extremely blessed. We also left our children to spend these past 2 weeks with their grandparents and extended family.  We have missed them terribly, as we are not used to being apart, but we know that this time of “making memories” was important.   The two of us traveled to Indianapolis and Dayton and just returned from Louisiana where we were able to spend quality time with our “Cup family”.  Over the past 2 weeks of traveling, we have met some incredible people and made some connections that we believe will be for eternity.  God has put so many amazing people in our path who believe in us and the call on our lives.  We are so grateful to Him for the relationships that have been created over these past 5 months.
We have less than 2 weeks to pack and spend time with family and friends. This coming Sunday, September 1st, we are having a farewell open house from 2pm-4pm at Rockford First.  When entering the main sanctuary, it will be in the first room on the right (407A). We hope to see you there!
We are currently 95% funded and are believing God for the rest!  Many of you have asked of any last minute needs that we may have. It has not been easy for us to ask for things, but God is stretching us. He keeps reminding us that He is building a support team to surround us to accomplish His work. So here are a few things that we are still in need of:

~We have been told that it would be very beneficial for us to have a GPS systemafrica1

~We are still in need of two iPhone 4 cell phones that are not under contract

~Amazon gift cards to purchase books for the kid’s kindles (there are no libraries in Swaziland)

~Walmart or Target gift cards (to buy toiletry items we are unable to buy in Africa)

We simply cannot thank you enough for joining us on this crazy, incredible journey.  We KNOW that God has amazing things in store and are so grateful that you are in this with us!

In His Service,

Chad, Wendy, Brielle & Caden

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14% to go!!

africa heartWe just wanted to give you a short update. We are only in need of 14% to get to our full support goal.  We know that God will complete that which He has started!  If you want to be a part of all that God is doing & are considering partnering with us, there is no better time!

We’ve had some of you ask about sending us care packages.  First of all, thank you. I’m sure the kids will be extremely excited to get mail from the states from time to time!  The smaller the package the better chance we will get it and not have to pay a fortune to retrieve it from the post office.  If you are able to send the package in a padded envelope or very small box that would be best.  The address to send cards or small packages is:

Children’s Cup, NGO

C/O Chad & Wendy Owens

PO Box A527

Swazi Plaza

Mbabane, Swaziland H101


We are still in search of phones.  In order to have the apps that we need to text & communicate efficiently we have been told the best options are iphone4 or galaxy S3 or S4 cell phones.  They need to be AT&T based phones not under contract.  We would be willing to pay for your upgrade to receive your old phone.  Again, this will save us hundreds per month.

We cannot thank you enough for being partners with us in this amazing work of the Lord!!

You are all in our prayers!

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Eighty Percent!!!

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and partnership!  We have been overwhelmed by the support of so many friends and people listening to the voice of the Lord.  God keeps surprising us and doing things His way, the miraculous way!  He has amazed us over and over and our journal is full of amazing stories of God showing us repeatedly that He is in control and He will do things His way and in His timing.  Some days we are in such amazement as to what He is doing that we can’t even put our thoughts into words and have a conversation. There were days where we would check our account and see a donation from a former student of Wendy’s, a former teacher, or that someone from our past had sponsored us monthly.  Or there was the day we were really being attacked by satan when we got a phone call telling us that 3 families held a garage sale to raise funds for us so we should come and pick up the money.  We had a couple pay for our visas and another couple pay for our flights.  Right as we were questioning if we were going to meet our goal on time, we had someone write us a check to cover the entire cost of our vehicle.  We’ve had donations given to us from people who heard from the Lord, but have never even met us.  So many of you have talked about our journey to friends and family, who have then chosen to give toward our calling.   The tears of joy have certainly been falling more than ever in our lives!  We truly are in awe of God’s goodness and provision, and we have had more “only God” moments than we can even keep track of!IMG_2707

We have reached our 80% and have purchased our flights to depart on September 11th.  I know, you’re thinking…”why that date?”  It was the only date still available with 4 seats before the flights increase in price.  We figured we’ve trusted God this far, why stop now!

The suitcases are all packed except for what we are using on a daily basis.  We will be traveling and sharing our story over the next 5 weeks in Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, & Florida.  We are praying that the last 20% of our goal will be in before we leave.  Please pray with us as we continue to share the calling God has given to us. If you have been considering partnering with us, now would be a great time to help get us to our full support goal!  We love you all & consider it an honor to serve God in this ministry with you!

In His Service,

Chad, Wendy, Brielle, & Caden

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