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Exciting Update!

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Back in 2011, we took an exploratory trip to Swaziland to look into possibly working with a ministry called, Children’s Cup.  We were highly impressed with the missionaries on the ground and the ministry itself.  The only thing missing was this strange feeling of, “How can we fit in with this ministry?”  To be completely honest, we left Africa feeling very defeated and unsure if God was calling us back.  Over the past two years, we have continued to mention Children’s Cup to one another and it has never seemed to leave our hearts.  A little less than one year ago, God grabbed ahold of us and made it clear that we were to begin preparing to return to Africa to continue what He started in us more than a decade ago.  We have always felt that there is unfinished business for us in Swaziland and we have known deep in our hearts that we would return with our children someday.  We began making plans to go back in the fall of this year (2013).  About 6 weeks ago, Chad felt that we needed to call Children’s Cup and just talk things out with them.  We set up a phone interview (so to speak).  The head of the ministry, Ben Rodgers, asked us what we were thinking and wanted to know how they could help us.  Chad just explained that we still felt very strongly that we are to be in Swaziland this year.  Ben, not knowing us real well, began to explain the DNA of Children’s Cup and how the ministry is currently expanding and what the present need is.  When he began explaining the current need of coaches for new pastors, our hearts skipped a beat and left us speechless.  He described their need as if describing in detail the calling that God has placed on our lives.  We knew in that moment that God was still in control!  Two weeks later we flew to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to meet with the Children’s Cup staff and have a more formal interview.  We had an amazing weekend meeting amazing people, shedding tears, laughing, sharing our hearts and missionary stories, and most importantly seeing God repeatedly confirm our calling.  We have been accepted as Children’s Cup missionaries and words cannot express how excited we are!  Our focus will be training and developing new pastors, planting and establishing new churches, and working within the Carepoints.main LOGO

Mission of Children’s Cup

“Our mission is to change the world for hurting and forgotten children by giving them hope in the love of Jesus Christ.  We do this by taking humanitarian and spiritual aid into the hard places where war, natural disasters and disease epidemics have devastated societies.  These children in hard places know horror most of our children have never even heard of.  Food, shelter, medicine and education are not enough to heal their emotions.  Many have been sexually abused or beaten.  They need hope.  Hope’s name is Jesus!  Our work currently focuses heavily in Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, and efforts are also underway in Vietnam and the Philippines.

It takes a comprehensive approach to caring for orphans and vulnerable children, and we do this by treating the whole child. Most of this is done for the children through our network of CarePoints.  A CarePoint is what its name implies:  a point of care.  It can be set up with as little investment as a tent and some pots and bowls.  When it is matured, in its most effective state, it is a central point for carrying out the many care-giving and development programs that Children’s Cup has proven that make a difference in a child’s life forever.

Most have heard of “the cycle of poverty”-the downward spiral of self-perpetuating poverty that is destroying so many lives in Africa and other hard places in the world.  Our strategy is a different kind of cycle.  It starts with rescuing children who are in desperate situations-whether orphan-headed households, abject poverty, hunger, extreme vulnerability and abuse or other heart-wrenching hopelessness.

Through a network of CarePoints the children are able to find hope.  A CarePoint is simply a point of care where we feed the children, give them medical care, and provide education for them.  Bible clubs, kid’s camps, outreach opportunities…all part of what goes on through our network of Children’s Cup CarePoints.”

Churches are being planted nearby each CarePoint and new pastors are being put in place to care for their communities.  We will be “doing life” with these pastors helping IMG6287them to preach relevant messages, deal with finances, serve their communities, and be used of God in every possible way that he desires to use them.

We feel very strongly that we are to be on the ground as early as the end of this summer, beginning of fall.  We are trusting God to meet every need and take care of all of the details.  We will need to purchase a vehicle, which will cost between $10 and $15 thousand dollars.  We also need funds to set up our home.  Although we will not be living as comfortably as we are here in the states, we need to have a safe secure home.  That comes with a high cost. Our monthly rent will run between $1000 and $1300 per month.  We also need to purchase Visas to stay and work in the country for at least two years.  Our Visas will be $1600.00.  The cost of our flights to/from Africa will be around $6500.00.

We know that God would not give us a heart for Africa and not send us there.  Please prayerfully consider partnering with us and reaping in the blessings of changing hundreds of lives!  Online donations can be made through our donations page.

In Him, Chad, Wendy, Brielle, & Caden Owens

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